data 'TEXT' (494, "TRAPcc / Tcc") {


/ Tcc

If (condition true) then TRAP

Compatibility: MC68020/MC68030/MC68040

Assembler Syntax:
TRAPcc.W #<data>
TRAPcc.L #<data>

Attributes: Unsized or Size = (Word, Long)

Description: If the specified condition is tru, causes a TRAPcc
exception (vector 7). The processor pushes the adderess of
the next instruction word (currently in the program
counter) onto the stack. If the condition is not tru, the
processor performs no operation, and execution continues
with the next instruction. The immediate data operand
should be placed in the next word(s) following the operation
word and is available to the trap handler. Condition code cc
specifies one of the following conditions.

CC carry clear 0100 /C
CS carry set 0101 C
EQ equal 0111 Z
F never true 0001 0
GE greater or equal 1100 N V + /N /V
GT greater than 1110 N V /Z + /N /V /Z
HI high 0010 /C /Z
LE less or equal 1111 Z + N /V + /N V
LS low or same 0011 C + Z
LT less than 1101 N /V + /N V
MI minus 1011 N
NE not equal 0110 /Z
PL plus 1010 /N
T always true 0000 1
VC overflow clear 1000 /V
VS overflow set 1001 V

Condition Codes:
Not affected.

Instruction Format:
\i3-+-+4Condition,+++++3Opmode,0Optional Word,0Or Long Word,

Instruction Fields (Register Shifts):
Condition field -- The binary code for one of the
conditions listed in the table.
Opmode field -- Selects the instruction form.
010 -- Instruction is followed by word-size
011 -- Instruction is followed by long-
word-size operand.
100 -- Instruction has no operand.

Note: The assembler accepts Tcc as an alternate form of the TRAPcc

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