1 -->; Bit of SR
*SSP - 2 -->; SSP; Format/Offset -->; (SSP);
SSP - 4 -->; SSP; PC -->; (SSP); SSP - 2 -->; SSP;
SR -->; (SSP); Vector Address -->; PC
* The MC68000 cannot write the vector offset
or format code to the system stack.

Compatibility: 68000 Family

Assembler Syntax:
TRAP #<vector>

Attributes: Unsized

Description: Causes a TRAP #<vector> exception. The inst-
ruction adds the immediate operand (vector) of the
instruction to 32 to obtain the vector number. The range
of vector values is 0-15, which provides 16 vectors.

Condition Codes:
Not affected.

Instruction Format:

Instruction Fields:
Vector Field -- Specifies the trap vector to be taken.