Destination - Immediate Data -->; cc

Compatibility: 68000 Family

Assembler Syntax:
CMPM (Ay)+, (Ax)+

Attributes: Size = (Byte, Word, Long)

Description: Subtracts the source operand from the destination
operand and sets the condition codes according to the result;
the destination location is not changed. The operands are
always addressed with the postincrement addressing mode,
using the address registers specified in the instruciton.
The size of the operation may be specified as byte, word,
or long. The size of the immediate data matches the operation

Condition Codes:
X Not affected.
N Set if the result is negative. Cleared otherwise.
Z Set if the result is zero. Cleared otherwise.
V Set if an overflow occurs. Cleared otherwise.
C Set if a borrow occurs. Cleared otherwise.

Instruction Format:
\i1+-++3Reg Ax,+2Size,--+3Reg Ay,

Instruction Fields:
Register Ax field -- Specifies a destination address register
in the post-increment addressing mode.
Size field -- Specifies the size of the operation:
00 -- Byte operaiton.
01 -- Word operation.
10 -- Long operation.
Register Ay field -- Specifies a source address register in the
post-increment addressing mode.

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