Operation: Reload Saved Module State from Stack

Compatability: MC68020 only

Assembler Syntax:

Attributes: Unsized

Description: A previously saved module state is reloaded
from the top of stack. After the module state is retrieved
from the top of the stack, the callerŐs stack pointer is
incremented by the argument count value in the module

Condition Codes:
Set according to the content of the word on the stack.

Instruction Format:

Instruction Fields:
DA field -- Specifies whether the module data pointer is
in a data or an address register.
0 -- the register is a data register.
1 -- the register is an address register.
Register field -- Specifies the register number for the
module data area pointer which is to be restored
from the saved module sate. If the register spec-
ified in A7 (SP), the updated value of the register
reflects the stack pointer operations, and the saved
module data area pointer is lost.

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