0 - (Destination) -->; Destination

Compatibility: 68000 Family

Assembler Syntax:
NEG <ea>

Attributes: Size = (Byte, Word, Long)

Description: Subtracts the destination operand from zero
and stores the result in the destination location. The
size of the operation is specified as byte, word, or long.

Condition Codes:
X Set the same as the carry bit.
N Set if the result is negative. Cleared otherwise.
Z Set if the result is zero. Cleared otherwise.
V Set if an overflow occurs. Cleared otherwise.
C Cleared if the result is zero. Set otherwise.

Instruction Format:
\i1-+---+--2Sz,u6Effective Address,3Mode,3Reg,

Instruction Fields:
Sz field -- Specifies the size of the operation.
00 -- Byte operation.
01 -- Word operation.
10 -- Long operation.
Effective Address field -- Specifies the destination operand.
Only data alterable addressing modes are allowed
as shown:

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