Source -->; Destination

Compatibility: 68000 Family

Assembler Syntax:
MOVEP Dx, d(Ay)
MOVEP d(Ay), Dx

Attributes: Size = (Word, Long)

Description: Moves data between a data register and alt-
ernate bytes within the address space starting at the
location specified and incrementing by two. The high-
order byte of the data register is transferred first and
the low-order byte is transferred last. The memory
address is specified in the address register indirect plus
16-bit displacement addressing mode. This instruction
was originally designed for interfacing 8-bit peripherals
on a 16-bit data bus, such as the MC68000 bus.

Condition Codes:
Not affected.

Instruction Format:
\i2----3Reg Dx,3OpMode,--+3Reg Ay,0Displacement (16 bits),

Instruction Fields (Postincrement source and destination):
Register Dx field -- Specifies the data register for the
Opmode field -- Specifies the direction and size of the
100 -- Transfer word from memory to register.
101 -- Transfer long from memory to register.
110 -- Transfer word from register to memory.
111 -- Transfer long from register to memory.
Register Ay field -- Specifies the address register which is
used in the address register indirect plus dis-
placement addressing mode.
Displacement field -- Specifies the displacement used in the
operand address.

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