Immediate Data \sL Destination -->; Destination

Compatibility: 68000 Family

Assembler Syntax:
ANDI #<data>, <ea>

Attributes: Size = (Byte, Word, Long)

Description: Performs an AND operation on the immediate data
and the destination operand, and stores the result in the
destination location. The size of the operation may be
specified as byte, word, or long. The size of the immediate
data matches the operation size.

Condition Codes:
X Not affected.
N Set if the most significant bit of the result is set.
Cleared otherwise.
Z Set if the result is zero. Cleared otherwise.
V Always cleared.
C Always cleared.

Instruction Format:
\i3------+-2Size,u6Effective Address,3Mode,3Reg,8Word Data (16 bits),8Byte Data (8 bits),0Long Data (32 bits),

Instruction Fields:
Size field -- Specifies the size of the operation:
00 -- Byte operation.
01 -- Word operation.
10 -- Long operation.
Effective Address field -- Specifies the destination operand. Only
data alterable addressing modes are allowed as shown:

Immediate field -- (data immediately following the instruction):
If size = 00, the data is the low-order byte of the
immediate word.
If size = 01, the data is the entire immediate word.
If size = 10, the data is the next two immediate words.

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