Source + Destination -->; Destination

Compatibility: 68000 Family

Assembler Syntax:
ADDA <ea>, An

Attributes: Size = (Word, Long)

Description: Adds the source operand to the destination
address register and stores the result in the address register.
The size of the operation may be specified as word or long.
Word size source operands are sign extended to 32-bit
quantities prior to the addition.

Condition Codes: Not affected.

Instruction Format:
\i1++-+3Reg,3Opmode,u6Effective Address,3Mode,3Reg,

Instruction Fields:
Register field -- Specifies any of the eight address registers.
Opmode field -- Specifies the size of the operation:
011 -- Word operation. The source operand is sign
extended to a long operand and the operation is
performed on the address register using all
32 bits.
111 -- Long operation.
Effective Address field -- Specifies the source operand. All
addresssing modes are allowed as shown:

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